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What's Our mission?

What's Caleb's Clubhouse?

Meet Caleb our mascot

Caleb Our Mascot

Caleb is a former Search and Rescue K9. His name means brave and courageous. He wants to encourage kids to be brave and courageous in their every day lives. Caleb is an advocate for Dyslexia. He participates in school programs to educate, and promote early screening for Dyslexia.  

What's The Big Idea?

The Big Idea is to celebrate all children regardless of their ability and external appearances. Children need a place to celebrate their strengths and character. Caleb's Clubhouse is that place!

Behind The Scenes

Caleb's Clubhouse is developed by Special Education teacher, mother, speaker and dyslexic thinker Lori Pachera. 

About Us


What is Caleb's Clubhouse?

For Kids, it's a virtual clubhouse for all kids to feel welcomed, accepted and belong.  It's a place for kids to celebrate who they are.  A platform to share their strengths and gifts. A place to grow socially, emotionally and mentally strong. It's our goal to help  kids love themselves and celebrate how unique each person is. 


Caleb's Clubhouse For Parents

We want to be your "Easy Button" to help you develop socially, emotionally and mentally strong children. It's a platform for parents to celebrate how unique and wonderfully made their children are. A place that looks beyond appearances and ability to affirm others. A place to shout to the world,  "My child is awesome!"  



We Recognize & Celebrate All Kids

"We see you. We value you. We celebrate you!”, is the motto for Caleb's Clubhouse .     We honor the lives and accomplishments of children who fall under the Special Education Spectrum. This group includes autism, ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and gifted children just to name a few. We also want to honor and affirm children battling chronic illnesses such as childhood diabetes and cancer. Our goal is to inspire kids to love themselves, be comfortable with who they are and learn to accept the differences they see in others. We want to help grow and instill  empathy . We strive to advocate, educate and celebrate all kids regardless of their shape, size, color and ability.  It’s our mission to encourage empathy and remove false stereotypes given to all these awesome kids. It’s our hope as teachers, parents and children are educated , respect, understanding and compassion will replace the false narrative they once held as truth. 


What's Caleb's Clubhouse?

I'm Lori and I'm thrilled you're visiting. You'll notice some of the spelling in my video is not correct.  I am dyslexic and the struggle is real. I hope you'll look at the overall content this message as a whole. Thanks!

Dyslexic Confessions

Hello and welcome to Caleb's Clubhouse.  I am thrilled you are here. Please know I'm a dyslexic thinker and have many learning challenges.  You may see evidence of these challenges on the website. If you see an errors, please don't think I'm careless. The struggle is real. 

I am trying to live out what a teach. Follow your dreams, live courageously, and don't allow your learning challenges to hold you back. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sincerely,  Lori Pachera
Caleb's Clubhouse Founder


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