Who’s Who in the Bath Tub!?!


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Here is just a fun little game…I just wanted to see if you could tell which picture is of which kid!  Yes…these are three different pictures of each of the three kids!  Have Fun!  Smile

Adeline…3 months old.

Here is just a quick update of Adeline.  I realize that she is almost to the 4 month mark so I thought I better get these 3 month photos posted! She has been busy growing a lot… She holds her head up well and loves to sit in her Bumbo seat and highchair.  She loves it when you talk to her…she sure has a lot to say back to you too!  She smiles a lot and sometimes even laughs a little.  I am not sure of her weight but we will find that out in a couple of weeks at her next ‘well baby check-up’.   

DSCF4139  DSCF4148

Her monthly photo!

DSCF4153  DSCF4173

As you can see, she still really enjoys sucking that thumb…we just can’t seem to take it away!  She usually only does this when she is really tired or really hungry!  At least she is able to “self-soothe” unlike her brothers!  She is sleeping about 10 hours straight each night and then also takes 2, 3 hour naps during the day…yes, Addie is a great sleeper and an over all, great baby!  She is such a joy and I can’t even remember what life was like without her!

Hoppy Easter…

We hope everyone had a very nice Easter weekend as we did.  We were so busy as we have Easter dinner at our house every year.  The boys got out of cleaning the house to go with Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday morning to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  It was a very fun outing for them as they got to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa without mom and dad hanging around! 

Below are photos from Easter Sunday. 


The boys with their Easter baskets.


Addie all dressed up for the holiday…and here she is with her Aunt Katy. (Addie does look too happy but I know she loves her Auntie Katy so, so much!)


Here we have my mom, (Grandma Sue) my Grandma, (Great-Grandma Mary) and Aunt Rachel with the kiddos and me. I thought we should get a picture while everyone was still clean and there was no chocolate on the boys!


All ready to eat!….Hey wait, we got a family picture after the day was over and everyone is still in their good clothes and still sorta clean!  How did that happen with a 2 & 4 year old and an infant!


Here are the boys hunting for Easter eggs out in our backyard.  The kids had so much fun running all over!

One last picture of Adeline with her buddy Kallan.  I think the are going to be really mad at us someday when they grow up and see these pictures but how can we resist taking them!  He is our friend’s little boy who born just 4 days after Addie.

The last few weeks…

I thought we needed an update on this past week so here we go…! 


Above we have Grant…lately he loves doing the ‘big boy’ puzzles with Caleb.  He is actually pretty good at them and can get a few pieces together here and there.  He gets real mad at you if you put the pieces together…he wants your help but then gets mad because he wants to do it himself.  All day long I hear, “no, I do it…I do it…! 


Here they are doing one together!  Smile


This first photo is our little ‘Gangster Addie’…She was all set to go outside and play with all the big kids.  The next picture shows just how sweet of a little girl she is…Those big smiles just melt your heart!


Here is Adeline with one of her newest blankets…so pretty!  Next is Adeline and her BFF Kallan.  She is just 4 days older then him…so cute!  They look just thrilled to be posing for yet another picture together!


This is Caleb’s new favorite thing to help out with…He always wants to make lunch for everyone.  On this day he made all the kids peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  He was so proud of himself…and so was I!

Two Month Check-up…

Adeline had her two month, well baby check-up earlier this week and did great.  She was wide awake and super smiley for the whole appointment.  She weighed in at 12 lbs. 2 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches long.  She gained 2 1/2 pounds and grew 2 1/4 inches since she was in to see her doctor at one month old.  All I can say to that is WOW…I can’t believe how much she has grown already…no wonder she sleeps about 20 hours per day!!  (She is also hard at work growing out her beautiful eye lashes.  They have gotten so long in the last couple of weeks…so pretty!)  She has also surprised us a few times and rolled over from her belly to her back.  She doesn’t do it a lot but usually if she gets mad enough from her ‘tummy time” she will flip herself over.



Here are just a few pictures from the last couple of weeks…Enjoy!

And now…a family of FIVE

Well, here we go with the blog again.  I know there are a bunch of you out there who are wondering if we will ever add more posts and photos again.  I am now back in the swing of things and am going to try my best to keep this updated…at least every few weeks!  I thought these pictures were appropriate for starting anew with the blog.  We just had our new family photos taken about three weeks ago…yes, as a family of five.  We are so blessed to have the family we do now.



Our boys are doing great and they LOVE being big brothers to their baby sister, Adeline.  Caleb turned 4 in January, Grant turned 2 in February and Adeline decided to come smack in the middle between their birthdays on January 25th.  She has been the most perfect addition to our family and we can’t imagine what life was like without her.

Burlington Northern or Bust

IMG_6335For anyone who has ever had the good fortune of spending even a few short minutes with Caleb, it will have become painfully obvious how much of a devotion and obsession he has with anything that rides its wheels upon a track. The name of the game in our household is forever entwined with a string of railroad tracks, cars, and references. Caleb can turn anything out of the ordinary into some sort of reference to a train or its track. It might be car tracks on a gravel road, or six ants walking in “train car” formation across the front sidewalk.

Both Caleb and Grant spend a great deal of their day playing with the many toys, books, puzzles, movies, and games focused on the one single genre. As Caleb gets older, he even seems to strive for realism with his toys. On more than one occasion I have been scolded for putting the coal tender or caboose in the “wrong spot.” How dare I? He also has increased the level of complication within the tracks he is constantly building.

Ask Caleb of his favorite movie, and you will probably get “The Polar Express” as the answer. Ask him what his favorite song, and you will likely get “The Long Black Train” by Josh Turner.

This Fall, Grandma Sue decided to give Caleb another notch in his “train belt” by taking the entire family on a wonderful historic train ride in Osceola, Wisconsin. Our train ride was roughly 65 minutes long, and gave us ample time to check out the different reconditioned train cars. There were dining cars, passenger cars, and our personal favorite, an “open air” box car with a refreshment stand. Caleb and I even had an opportunity to spend some time on the outside decking of the caboose for as long as we could handle the cold and wind. 

Here are a few pictures to highlight the adventure!


Where one might expect a 3 year old to act in total excitement in these types of dream situations, we were quite surprised to find Caleb to be rather pacified throughout the entire trip. Sarah and I both think that it was simply Caleb’s way of absorbing and enjoying the moment! And while Grant does not currently share quite the passion for trains like his Brother, he spent much of trip excited about what was going on around him. I definitely think this will become an annual event for our entire family!

Thanks to Grandma Sue, Grandpa Steve, and Aunt Rachel for sharing this railway adventure with us.

Repeater Pan

In my mind, one of the most enjoyable aspects of educating your children comes during the time when they learn how to express their thoughts verbally. For your first child, there comes the huge adjustment in your personal vocabulary to shelter them from less “acceptable” words. You spend more time regretting what you said than enjoying how quickly they formulate their newfound syllables.

Now that Sarah and I are much more acclimated to a kid-appropriate vocabulary, we get to focus more on the fun of having a toddler learn how to talk with words and phrases.

In the recent weeks, Grant has went from a dozen or so words within his arsenal, to his now infamous nickname of “Repeater Pan.” He simply repeats nearly everything with a respectable level of accuracy. While he won’t likely be quoting Shakespeare any time soon, this repeating phase is one that we all are enjoying very much.


New and/or Improved Words

  • No
  • Why (Mr. Repeater Pan repeats this in context, quite heavily)
  • Train (Seems only fitting)
  • Kitty
  • Bean (Name of our Kitty)
  • Candy
  • Bye Bye
  • Katy
  • Up
  • Please
  • Water


New Phrases

  • Come on
  • Love You
  • Night-Night
  • Where’s Daddy

While his mood definitely dictates how much repeating he partakes in, he seems to be enjoying his new and fun way of communicating with everyone in our family. I suspect by Christmas he will be well on his way to knowing all of the words to “White Christmas.”

Who knows, maybe he will actually write the Christmas letter from 2009 that I am still working on getting sent out to everyone!

Blog, Where art thou?


There is no denying that technology plays a pivotal role within our modern families. Sarah and I have chosen to share our experiences with this blog.

At the same time, these technologies can also provide a sour response when something does not work as expected.

In April, we had a great opportunity to join some of our closest friends on a trip to Florida and subsequently, Disney World.

Upon returning from our wonderful trip, Sarah wrote an exceptionally long blog post outlining all of our favorite memories and attractions. When she went to publish her “masterpiece,” some how, the entire writing disappeared into an abyss of nasty computer-ness. It was then that Sarah decided not to write any further blogs until I figured out what went wrong.

While I still have no idea what actually caused the loss, we cannot simply stop writing about our fun family because of my inability to fix something I cannot find.

So… It is without further ado that we will be back in full force, writing about the memories and funny stories we would like to share about our loving family.

We are sorry for the short lapse in postings, but I suspect there will be several new postings VERY soon!


Easter 2010…


The kids we very excited to wake up on Easter morning.  Even Caleb, who likes to sleep in was wide awake by 7:00 am.!

DSCF0216 DSCF0218

We had family and friends over to our house for Easter Dinner and then the kids enjoyed and Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard.  We were thankful for the beautiful weather and the kids had a blast!

DSCF0246 DSCF0210

 DSCF0256 DSCF0273

DSCF0222 DSCF0271

Caleb had fun finding all the eggs and even helped out Grant for his first Egg Hunt!


Auntie Rachel was even home for a visit.  We had a great Easter…the kids say thank you to everyone for all the treats!!  :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Our boys just wanted to wish everyone a Happy, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  They had shamrock toast for breakfast, green Mac & Cheese for lunch and some special green cake for a snack this afternoon.  Here a just a few pictures to share with all of you.

2010-03-17 0042010-03-17 009

Grant’s 1 year update…

Well, I know it is about a month past Grant’s 1 year mark, but I still wanted to give you all an update on all of his stats and what he has been up to.

*At his Dr. appointment in Feb. he weighed 19 lbs. 3 oz. and was 28 1/2 inches long. (This is the same weight he was at his 9 month check-up so he won an extra visit to the Dr. at 15 months for a weight check!) The Dr. said he had to go on a strict “High Fat Diet”.  We are only giving him whole milk to drink and he eats lots of butter and peanut butter on everything.  Everything that he will eat that is…he is a little on the picky side!

*He is trying to talk a lot now…and says Mama, Dada, Ah-oh, Hi…. and I think he has been using the sign for “more”.

*He is walking all over the place.  He started standing up by himself on Thursday, Feb. 25 and has been walking now for just about two weeks.  Once he figured it out there was no stopping him!  He rarely crawls anymore.  When he falls down, he just gets right back up.  He is doing great!

*He loves to stack blocks and thinks it is pretty funny to knock them all over…Caleb doesn’t think that is real funny, especially when he is the one building with them!

*He is starting to play with little cars and trains, pushing them around like the big boys do.  How do little boys just know how to play with Hot Wheels? 

2010-03-15 008  2010-03-12 026

2010-03-04 007  2010-02-22 007

Happy 1st Birthday Grant!!!

Our little boy turned one year old on Friday Feb. 12th.  We can’t believe he is already one year old…the time just seems to go faster and faster each year!  We celebrated with a birthday party on Saturday with some friends and family and Grant had a great time. 

Here are just a few photos from the big birthday bash!

                       2010-02-01 059 2010-02-01 098

                          Grant was real mad when we put the birthday hat on him!!

                                              2010-02-01 071

           2010-02-01 122 2010-02-01 090

                Caleb stealing cake off of Grant’s tray!!  -    Grant with Auntie Katy and Chris.       

  2010-02-01 100 2010-02-01 107 2010-02-01 115

               This is about as messy as Grant got eating his cake!!  Not too much to clean up!

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped make Grant’s 1st. Birthday so memorable!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our boys hope that everyone had a really nice Valentine’s Day.  We spent the day recovering from Grant’s 1st Birthday and ended the day with his first swimming lessons.  What a big weekend!

                                                        2010-02-01 144 

                                                                       Happy Valentine’s Day

                                                        2010-02-01 143

                  Grant’s expression pretty much sums up how is swim lessons went…He was so mellow!

Picture day is here again!

Last night we took some time to go get pictures of the kids…Caleb’s 3 year and Grant’s 1 year.  Since their birthdays fall so close together, we decided to get them done all at the same time and the kids did great!  Everyone was in full cooperation….that always makes things easier. 

Here are just a few of the good photos we ended up with…

00ba41f6-27ce-4832-b69a-05c4d4c9e3e2w  7ad28acf-a1d3-4573-bb11-47398e222110w

eba4ed83-2ebb-4c4e-8235-82b59838fda7w  73cd28fc-45af-47de-9ad7-641be2bd94cfw 


Grant…11 Months old

Grant is at the 11 month mark and soon he will be celebrating his first birthday!  Here is just a little update on what Grant has been up to in the last month…(well, two months as how I missed his 10 month update).

                                                    2009-12-29 060

                                                  Grant napping with his favorite puppy dog…

Grant has finally figured out how to crawl.  He has been scooting on his little butt for months and finally, the week before Christmas, he put the crawling thing all together.  Now he does both…I think he does the scooting thing without thinking but then when you tell him to crawl, he does.  it is pretty funny to watch!  About a week later, at Christmas, he began pulling himself up to standing…He started to do this with all the big gifts…I think so he could get a better look at the presents.  :)   Grant got a push-toy train for Christmas and started pushing it around on Jan. 5, 2010.  Now he will push around anything that he can move!  He also asked Santa for his first two teeth for Christmas and Santa, of course, delivered!  Along with this goes many sleepless nights for Mommy!!  (Not real good timing…around the Holidays.)  Grant is just such a busy little boy who has also really found his voice…I think he has figured out that the more noise he makes, the more attention he seems to get!!  He is still happy most all of the time!!

                                       2009-12-29 026  2010-01-13 021  


Happy 3rd Birthday Caleb!!

On Friday, January 8th, Caleb turned three years old…!  We just can’t believe how fast the time has gone (and we will probably say that about each year, with every child)…!!  We celebrated on Friday with a little ‘party’ with the babysitting kids…then, that evening, Caleb got to open his presents from Mom, Dad and Grant.  He also got to pick anything he wanted for dinner and, of course, he chose McDonald’s!  He had lots of fun playing and even got to stay up late helping Brad put together his new workbench!

 2009-12-29 080 2009-12-29 041

2009-12-29 070 2009-12-29 069

On Saturday we had a birthday party for Caleb with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and friends.  Weeks ago I began asking Caleb what kind of cake he wanted for his party and he just couldn’t decide between Mickey Mouse and a train cake so we just did both!  The expression on his face made all the work of a homemade cake worth it!! He just loved it!  And we had lots of fun making it for him.  Caleb wants to thank everyone for all they did to help make his third birthday so special! 

2009-12-29 084 2009-12-29 128

2009-12-29 1052009-12-29 136                        

2009-12-29 1032009-12-29 122

2009-12-29 133

Happy Holidays….a little late!!

Well, I know that the Holidays are long gone but I just didn’t have time to post any photos from Christmas!  Grant and I were a bit under the weather until a day or so before Christmas so we just got way behind on everything.  We had both sides of our family over for Christmas Eve dinner.

                                                2009-12-29 060

                      Auntie Katy with Grant…Mommy and Grant…His first Christmas was too much fun!!

                                         2009-12-29 069 2009-12-29 076

                      After dinner the kids got ready for bed and we put out milk & cookies for Santa…

                                         2009-12-29 087 2009-12-29 093

Then, Christmas morning, we had to wake-up Caleb at 8:30 am to start opening gifts because we were on our way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for more presents and lunch.  I think Caleb’s most favorite gift was the tiny little train that Santa left him set up under the tree along with all his presents.

 2009-12-29 096 2009-12-29 097

2009-12-29 117 2009-12-29 120 2009-12-29 123

Then we headed to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Steve’s house for dinner and more present opening!!

2009-12-29 118 2009-12-29 129

2009-12-29 138 2009-12-29 127 2009-12-29 133

We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a relaxing New Year!!

Sharing my laptop with…Caleb…?

And so it begins!  Never did I ever expect this day to come so soon, but Caleb is now able to sit and play games on my computer with little to no help…!  It started out being Caleb and my special quiet time activity to do when all the other kids I watch are napping.  (He doesn’t regularly take naps anymore because if he does get some shut-eye during the day, then he will never go to bed at night.)  One day last week I just decided to have him try using the mouse touch pad by himself…and to my surprise, he is pretty good at it…he even puts on Thomas videos from the website all be himself! 

Nov 17 2009 061  Nov 17 2009 059

Picture Day…

With the holidays coming up, we decided it was time to try to get our boys’ pictures taken together.  We still have a difficult time getting them to pose together…mainly because Caleb thinks it is funny to be silly…sitting still, smiling, and looking at the camera, are just too many things to ask a 2 1/2 year old to do simultaneously.  

Target Nov 2009.1 jpg Target Nov 2009.6 jpg

Here are the pictures we ended up with.  This appointment was basically for Grant’s nine month photos, then the focus was to get a good picture of them together…that is why there are not many of Caleb by himself.  We will do that when he turns three!!

Target Nov 2009 Target Nov 2009.5 jpg

Target Nov 2009.3 jpg Target Nov 2009.2 jpg